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Get Your Dance Music Playing Now!

TheVoice | November 10, 2017

In whatever area you will want to make yourself wealthy and famed, you need to embody the enthusiasm and patience, the courage and gumption to succeed spectacularly. Or else, you’ll never grow out of being a dreamer. And with the aggressive rivalry in the dance music business today, your ambition […]

Club music

Dance Music Is Vital to Your Lifestyle

TheVoice | November 10, 2017

In performing arts, body posture is the medium to express the artist’s intention to the audience. When done perfectly, then this is appealing to those watching them. The posture of the dancer depends on the dance music that is playing in the background. It is a combination of executing the […]

Club music

History of Dance Music

TheVoice | November 10, 2017

What is Dance Music? The definition of dance music is quite simply- Music composed/ played specifically for dancing to. Dance music includes a whole variety of music from waltz to tango, disco to rock.From the dawn of mankind humans possessed the desire to danceIn accient times, the first purpose of […]

Club music

Electrify Your Senses With Club Dance Music

TheVoice | November 10, 2017

Belly dancing has been popularized over the years as a joyful woman’s art, and why not, after all it has all the essential ingredients that make it worthy to be cherished at moments of joy or woe. Now days belly dancing is not only practiced by female dancers, even male […]

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